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The Atlas' Online Launch took place on Leap Day, February 29 2004 in NYC, and in Japan at Tokyo's Earth Day Fair in April. Over 65,000 complete Atlas eBooks and story chapters were downloaded in 2004!

The first 2000 copies of the Atlas on CD-Rom are now making their way to readers around the world. The book is also available, in English.

Several Atlas stories will appear in Society of Wilderness's book, in Chinese! Its target publication date is early 2005

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We encourage all reporters to use the Atlas for story leads catalyzing action for healthier cities, villages and communities. Essentially, Green Maps are a public relations service for the hometown environment, and media coverage has played an important role since the beginning of Green Map System. Positive press attention has inspired scores of new projects and encouraged existing Green Mapmakers to expand their horizons, too.

Articles including the Atlas have appeared in Geographical (1/04·UK), Paper Sky (7/03·JP) and Kyoto Shinbun (4/04·JP)

"The Green Map re-imagines the city; it shows what is already there and could serve as inspiration for what might be. It gives you back the city - not in someone else's sterile view, but as a riotous living tapestry of human activity." - Tom Stafford, The Ecologist

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We celebrated the Atlas' full multimedia launch at our exhibit: Vibrant Communities: Green Maps of New York & the World, presented by the Municipal Art Society.
The exhibit ran for 9 weeks, from September 22, until November 30, 2004 in midtown Manhattan.

Vibrant Communities included 70 different Green Maps, the Atlas and the past, prsent and future of this local-global movement! Our forums on Sustainability Education & Mapping and EcoTourism & Mega Events: Inspiration for NYC drew appreciative audiences!

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