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Green Map Atlas CD-ROMs · $15 · Bilingual disks include emailable story chapters, home printing and high resolution editions to optimize the printing of Atlas books anywhere in the world. Guided tour & more!

Green Map Atlas books · $35 · 350 images, printed and bound, ready to read in English.

Special! Get Both Atlas Book & CD $40

Green Maps published by the Mapmakers featured in the Atlas and by other Green Mapmakers around the world. Click here to choose: Toronto, New York (LoMap), Jakarta, Pune, or Santa Monica, Victoria, Singapore (others may be available by request).

Please help us sustain this project and make the Atlas available to more people around the world. If every Atlas reader sends GMS a small contribution, we will soon have the resources to begin collecting more Stories for Volume Two.

You can simply click the button below to send any amount you wish via Paypal in US Dollars or Euros. Pay with you PayPal account, or with many of the popular credit cards. On the next page, choose "I don't have a PayPal Account" to use your credit card without registering. We will acknowledge your contribution immediately by email.

Or mail a check or postal money order in US Dollars to Green Map System, Inc. PO Box 249, New York, NY 10002-0249 USA.


$5 is the suggested minimum donation. If you make multiple copies of the Atlas, please consider a larger contribution. We are sharing 10% of this income with the 10 featured Mapmaking teams on an equal basis. Your contribution to this 501c3 non-profit organization is tax-deductible in the US. Our intention is to catalyze much-needed citizen involvement for sustainable communities - thank you for helping this Atlas serve the world.

Thanks for your donation!
You'll receive email acknowledgement of donations up to $50.00 and a letter of thanks by mail for larger contributions. Thanks so much from Green Map System and our worldwide network of locally led projects.
Special thanks to Atlas Volume One funders, Japan-US Community Education and Exchange (in conjunction with Nippon Foundation) and Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership  more contributors to project development can be found on the supporters page. Feel free to add your email to the survey, and we will notify you when the Store is open, in mid-2004!
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