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The Atlas is truly central to Green Map System's mission, bringing readers a deeper understanding of the role sustainability and citizen involvement play in different communities. We very much appreciate these far-sighted and generous supporters:


Japan-US Community Education and Exchange in conjunction with the Nippon Foundation is the project's first funder, supporting online publication and work in both the US and Japan.

Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (New York) is the largest funder of Volume One, supporting multimedia publication, launch events and related resource development.

Gaea Foundation provided the Cape Cod Residency at Sea Change Cottage, where the Atlas "summit" team formed the multimedia publication concept and framed its content.

Rockefeller Foundation provided the Bellagio Residency where Global Green Mapmakers framed the comprehensive Atlas as a series of regional and thematic volumes. More about the outcomes and participants from 14 countries can be seen in our report on GMS's main website.

We look forward to adding more Atlas project supporters here in the future.
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