Atlas Task Force
& Summit Team

Green Map System's global network of Mapmakers has provided insight and encouragement since December 2002 to the Atlas Working Group. Special thanks to the Atlas Task Force:

Liana Bidart, Mapa Verde Cuba
Isabelle Duvivier, Santa Monica USA
Beth Ferguson, Mexico-US Border
Tor Fossum, Malm§ Sweden
Cecilie Hagestad, Copenhagen Denmark
Einar Hansson, G§teborg Sweden
Marco Kusumawijaya, Jakarta Indonesia
Erik van Lennep, Dublin Ireland
Maeve Lydon, Victoria Canada
Leonardo Freire de Mello, Campinas Brazil
Our August 2003 "summit" on Cape Cod gave us a chance to reflect on our many objectives for the Atlas. During the month, many choices were explored and our concept evolved into a de-centrally published, multimedia Atlas. We completed the selection of featured Green Map projects and developed content, author guidelines and funding proposals.

Participants included:
Roy Arezzo · educator - USA
Wendy E. Brawer · GMS founder - USA
Rick Conroy · programmer - Canada
Elliot Crown · copywriter - USA
Matthew Groshek ·
information designer - USA
Amanda Hickman ·
technology circuit rider - USA
Masahiro Horiuchi ·
designer & educator - Japan
Justin Lafontaine · planner - Canada
Ray E. Sage · supporter - USA
Dominica Williamson ·
design strategist - United Kingdom
Misako Yomosa ·
planner - Japan, (virtually)
Several members of GMS's Advisory Committee also contributed to the Story Guide created for Atlas authors.

The Committee includes:*
Brock Adler · consultant - NYC
Sterling Ashby, Esq. ·
Skadden Arps - Washington DC
Jean Gardner · The New School - NYC
Ray Gastil · Van Alen Institute - NYC
David Kupfer · journalist - Bay Area
Mark Randall · World Studio - NYC
Nina Reznick, Esq. - NYC
Bonnie Lane Webber · Grassroots - NYC
* affiliations for identification only

Thanks to our Technology Advisors:
Dan Convissor · database developer - USA
Ben Discoe · open source developer - USA
Sara Tucker · digital media director - USA
Abby Weissman · graphic designer - USA
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