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Re-Publishing Guidelines

Green Map Atlas
2004 Green Map System, Inc.
All rights reserved.
Green Map is a trademark of
Green Map® System, Inc.
For copyright ownership of all maps and images, please refer to last page of each Story chapter.

We encourage the dissemination of Atlas editions all over the world. If you are interested in making 6 or more copies or reproducing it in a magazine, book, classroom reader, website or other form of media, you must review this page carefully, and submit a Permission Form in advance. In many situations, permission will be granted free of charge. It is required that the copyright mark and ownership be clearly visible on all copies of the copyrighted material.
For local publishers of Green Map Atlas books and CD-ROMs, and for periodicals, books and websites wishing to re-publish the Atlas, in whole or in part:

Whether for sale or free distribution, you must notify GMS in writing in advance when you are planning to print more than six (6) copies of the Atlas from our PDFs, the Atlas book or CD-ROM, or to disseminate it by bulk electronic distribution. Fill out the online Permission Form so GMS can efficiently consider granting the appropriate permission for your re-publication.

Terms of Sales:
The Atlas cannot be sold without prior written permission from Green Map System, and 50% of net profits from any source must be forwarded to GMS on a semiannual basis. Net profits shall be defined as all gross sales revenue less only manufacturing and duplicating expense, freight and applicable taxes actually paid.
You must clearly affix the copyright notice and the trademark notice to any Atlas material in any form or medium. You warrant that you shall comply with all laws and regulations concerning the manufacture and distribution of the Atlas. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Green Map System, Inc. from any liability, damages etc. for any breach of this warranty.

In order for you to continue as a disseminator of the Atlas in any form/medium, you must provide GMS with a statement of gross revenues, applicable deductions and net profits, if any, on or before May 31 and December 31 of each year. Each statement will be accompanied by the net profit distribution due and owing, if any, to GMS in US dollars. Your failure to do so will put you in bad standing and subject you to the termination of this understanding between us. 10% of this Atlas income will be shared with the 10 featured Mapmaking teams on an equal basis.
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Atlas Credits
Re-Publishing Guidelines
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