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Green Map Atlas
Mapmaking Stories · Volume One
In Japanese at
Published in February 2004
by Green Map System, Inc.
New York, NY USA
ISBN 0-9749829-0-3
ISSN 1548-8608 (online)
ISSN 1548-3983 (print)
ISSN 1548-3991 (CD-ROM)

2004 Green Map System, Inc. All rights reserved. Green Map is a trademark of Green Map® System, Inc.
Our Colophon provides insight into the choices made as we created the concept and designed the Atlas.

Cover map 2002 Buckminster Fuller Institute and Jim Knighton. Used with permission. Special thanks to Buckminster Fuller Institute and VTP for enabling us to pinpoint each featured Atlas community on this map.

We appreciate using the high-resolution scans made for Hiroshima's 2003 Green Map exhibit by Hiroshima Xerox, and the illuminating images and narratives provided by each featured Mapmaker. Our deep and sincere gratitude goes to the scores of local project partners, team members and many others who collaborated in producing the Atlas.

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For copyright ownership of all maps and images, please refer to last page of each Story chapter. Visit our legal page for details and Re-Publishing Guidelines.
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Atlas Credits
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