Atlas Working Group
and Production Credits

An international team collaboratively developed this Atlas between December 2002 and February 2004. Atlas Task Force was formed at our 2002 Global Green Mapmakers Meeting in Bellagio Italy. Misako Yomosa of Kyoto was among this group. As Director of Tennen Design Forum, she and her colleagues at Greenmap Japan had previously collaborated with GMS. Together, we requested and received support for this first volume.

In August, the Atlas Working Group met first at our Cape Cod "summit". With advice from the Task Force and contributions from the ten Story authors, we produced this multimedia anthology during the fall and winter. Our team's skillful, dedicated approach shows in every detail —read more about the projectís evolution and choices made.
Atlas Working Group*:
Dominica Williamson design director/Cornwall UK
Wendy E. Brawer project manager/GMS founding director/NYC
Asako Kondo information & web designer/GMS
Alice Hartley editor/GMS
Rick Conroy technology programmer
Matthew Groshek information & graphic designer/Milwaukee
Misako Yomosa project manager/chief editor in Japan/Kyoto
Masahiro Horiuchi project coordinator in Japan/Tokyo
Takashi Hojo technical manager in Japan/Kyoto
Aika Nakashima Japanese-English translator
Chine Hayashi Japanese-English translator
Tai Dang photo artworker
Michael Samuel logo designer
Ben Discoe open source developer
Robert Zuber development and fundraising
Nina Reznick, Esq. legal advisor
David Kupfer introduction editor
Justin Lafontaine distribution advisor/Toronto
Kana Hashimoto production assistant/GMS
*city name=Mapmaker
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Atlas Credits
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